macOS Features

Manage Personal To-Do Lists

Manage your personal tasks in lists, organize them in categories and mark them with individual tags.

Choose a personal background design that fits best to your tasks.

Today's Tasks Under Control

The today view points out all important tasks for the current day. All to-dos are summed up as a central counter shown in app and on the app icon.

Plan your work by setting deadlines, working on that tasks and successfully finish your day. Everyday.

Calendar View

The calendar helps you to put a focus on particular days. View all task deadlines as well as creation and done dates by month or by week.

Tempodo also shows events from one of your macOS calendars.

Productivity View

Tempodo informs you about created and completed tasks retrospectively. This helps you to reflect your work. Do this regularly and improve your productivity.

The planning report shows your progress against your planned tasks.

Repeating Tasks

Create repeating tasks for daily, weekly or monthly occurrences. As soon as you finish a task Tempodo prepares the next task and sets the due date automatically. Future occurrences are shown in the calendar.

Do not miss any regular appointments anymore.

Time Tracker

Track the working time for your tasks on a daily base – even retrospectively. With just a few clicks you generate reports for arbitrary periods that can be exported as simple CSV files.

The new digital timesheet waits for your input.

Dark Mode

Tempodo supports the Dark Mode in macOS 10.14+.

The new look helps you to better focus on your work.

Task Collections

Tasks are managed in collections and saved as documents (files) by you on the Mac. You decide about the collections and their location on the disk. For example you could create a collection for work and another collection for your holiday planning tasks. Manage the documents, as normal, by using the macOS Finder.

Manage Completed Tasks

Completed tasks can be deleted or archived automatically. This keeps your workbench always clearly arranged.

macOS Integration

Tempodo integrates itself smoothly into your macOS operating system.

You can save calendar events in the Mac's calendar application or you can save reminder events in the Mac's reminder application. Tasks can be shared by e-mail. Tempodo notifies you about open to-dos for today by using the macOS notification center and you can use Spotlight to search for tasks. Create new tasks via the Menu Bar Icon or the Service Menu.

iCloud Drive

Use iCloud Drive to work on your task collections accross different macOS and iOS device. Learn more about iCloud Drive Synchronisation.

See here for the Tempodo iOS version.

Task Import

Use Tempodo's import feature to add existing tasks to your categories. Tasks must be stored as iCalendar files (*.ics) on disk.

The iCalendar format, often referred to as iCal format, is supported by many programs.

Start managing your existing tasks with Tempodo today!

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