iCloud Drive - Step-by-Step Setup Guide

This guide describes detailed steps to setup iCloud Drive synchronization using a sample file called "myTasks.tempodo".


Enable iCloud including iCloud Drive on your Mac and your iOS Device using the same Account (AppleId).

iOS Device: Settings -> Accounts & Passwords -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive

macOS: Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive

Step 1: Save the document on your Mac

Create a new document with Tempodo and save as "myTasks.tempodo" file within the iCloud Drive folder "Tempodo".


Step 2: Check the file is uploaded into iCloud Drive

Open the macOS Finder app and check the file is uploaded by your Mac into iCloud Drive.


Step 3: Check the file is on your iOS device using the Files App (Optional Step)

Use the Apple Files App and navigate to the "Tempodo" folder. Within the folder you should find the file "myTasks.tempodo".


Step 4: Check the iCloud Settings within the Tempodo app

Navigate to Settings tab and check that "Use iCloud Drive" is activated.


Step 5: Navigate to Document Browser and Open a document

Navigate to Documents tab.


Tap "Browse" to select a document with the iOS document picker.


The document browser now shows the selected file. Your are done!