iCloud Drive Synchronization

Work on Mac, iPhone and iPad

Edit your task collection on Mac, iPhone and iPad. The files are updated on your devices using iCloud Drive. Tempodo automatically updates the view as soon as updates are reported by iCloud Drive. On macOS the user has to confirm to reload an open document.

How does the synchronization work?

Tempodo stores your task collections in documents (files) that you manage yourself. The app supports syncing with Apple's iCloud Drive. To do this, you need to have iCloud and iCloud Drive enabled on the same AppleId on your macOS and iOS devices. Save documents in the iCloud Drive folder "Tempodo". iCloud automatically propagates changes to all your devices. On a another device navigate to the iCloud Drive folder "Tempodo" and open the file from there.

After enabling iCloud Drive in the iOS App (Settings -> iCloud Drive enabled) the App stores files in the folder "Tempodo". In order to browse and select a file the iOS App presents an additional tab named Documents. Once the user selected a file the app automatically listens for iCloud Drive updates and upates the app respectively. IOS Notifcations and Today Widget are restricted to the selected file.

On iOS you can also use Apple's Files App and open a document directly from there.

On macOS just save and load files from the iCloud Drive folder "Tempodo".


If you have changed a task collection on different devices independently, you need to resolve the situation by choosing a file version from one device and deleting all other versions. It's not possible to merge changes from different devices. Multiple versions are created by iCloud Drive in case of conflicts.