Release Notes iOS

V1.35 (2022-09)

  • iOS 16 optimization
  • 3 lock screen widgets added: today, next due task, new task (requires iOS 16)
  • additional sort options in all tasks, category and tags lists: due date, reminder date, start date

V1.34 (2022-03)

  • Home tab task lists improvements: animations, change order, search
  • Added new swipe right gesture to quickly complete tasks
  • Create new tasks directly from the Today view
  • Small detail improvements of the user interface
  • Bug fixes

V1.33.1 (2022-02)

  • Bug fix for calendar view
  • Updated user interface for creating subtask

V1.33 (2022-02)

Calendar improvements
  • First day of the week automatically taken from the system calendar and can be overwritten
  • Calendar week display configurable
  • Optimized calendar display on large screens
  • Improved integration with system settings

V1.32 (2022-01)

  • redesigned pages: task details, calendar details, adding new tasks/categories/tags
  • recurring tasks events are now shown in calendar view
  • a reminder date can be set directly when creating tasks
  • quick date actions added for setting reminder dates (today, tomorrow, in a week)
  • minor UI layout changes like increasing font sizes
  • iOS 13 support removed
  • bug fixes

V1.31 (2021-12)

  • calendar events can be added and edited directly in the app (PRO version feature)
  • bug fixes

V1.30 (2021-12)

  • calendar event date information (start, end, all-day) shown in list views
  • minor layout improvement for lists on large devices
  • bug fixes

V1.29.2 (2021-11)

  • bugfix for Today view

V1.29.1 (2021-10)

  • calendar events are now shown in today view tab and sorted by start time

V1.29 (2021-10)

  • drag & drop is now supported for attachments in attachment view and task details view
  • events from multiple calendars can now be displayed in the calendar view
  • added 3 wallpapers to be used as background images for task collections
  • stability improvements and bugfixes

V1.28 (2021-09)

  • stability improvements and bugfixes

V1.27 (2021-03)

  • Files and photos can be saved as attachments locally on the device or in iCloud Drive. iCloud Drive attachments are synced across devices.
  • Added additional colors for tags
  • When creating a new task, category and keyword can be selected directly

V1.26.1 (2020-11)

  • bugfixes and stability improvements

V1.26 (2020-10)

  • iOS 14 compatibility improved
  • a start date can be set for recurring tasks
  • bugfixes and stability improvements

V1.25 (2020-06)

  • Working hours can be assigned to sub-tasks
  • Working hours can be evaluated and viewed for any period across tasks
  • Readability on wide screens improved

Please also update the Tempodo macOS app (V1.26) if you synchronize your tasks across macOS and iOS devices

V1.24 (2020-05)

  • Task lists show extended information if desired by the user: alarm, tags, due date
  • Quick actions extended in task lists: set due date, set follow-up date
  • Detail view for tasks slightly revised in design and display of event time if different from standard time
  • Bug fixes and improvements of stability and performance

V1.23 (2020-02)

  • Added option to copy the local Task Collection to iCloud Drive. This way, the user can work seamlessly with existing tasks after switching to iCloud Drive.
  • Bug fix related to User Notification handling if app isn't running
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Stability improvements

V1.22 (2020-02)

  • Tasks can be duplicated
  • reate tasks from the Calendar View for the selected day
  • Improved iCloud Drive Integration
  • The search mask is only shown if necessary by tapping on the search icon
  • Further minor user interface improvements
  • Bug fixes and improvements of stability and performance

V1.21 (2020-01)

  • Added more notification tones and 2 notification actions: mark as done and remind tomorrow
  • Improved stability

V1.20 (2019-12)

  • Prioritized And Favorite Tasks Can Be Displayed Via The New 'Flagged' Start Page Menu
  • The Input Category Can Be Renamed
  • Bug Fixes

V1.19.1/1.19.2 (2019-10)

  • iOS13 Dark Mode on iPad improved
  • Better support for bold text (Accessibility).
  • iOS 13 compatibility improvements. Bugfixes.

V1.19 (2019-10)

  • iOS 13 compatibility improvements (Siri, Search).
  • Bugfixes

V1.18 (2019-09)

  • Productivity reports now support time frames up to 1 year
  • iOS 13 stability improvements and bug fixes

V1.17 (2019-09)

  • Added Dark Mode (iOS 13)
  • Subtasks can be converted into tasks
  • Tasks can be moved across categories
  • Bug fixes

V1.16 (2019-08)

  • Stability improvements and bugfixes
  • Notification sound support

V1.15 (2019-07)

  • for recurring tasks, a time can be set
  • on iPad, the task details are shown modally as form sheet

V1.14 (2019-06)

  • introduced new appearance with custom background images for task sets (PRO-Version)
  • quickly move a task to the top or to the end of a category list
  • in app-release notes are shown if the app has been updated on the device (Whats new)
  • some smaller design improvements and bugfixes

V1.13 (2019-05)

  • use the new Share Extension to quickly create new tasks from third-party apps
  • the TaskNotes-View is now aware of links, phone numbers and addresses
  • the Today-View now also displays completed tasks of the current day
  • the gray theme (appearance) is now also available in the free version
  • bug fixes and detail improvements

V1.12 (2019-02)

  • added more export options for WorkingTime Report, Taskset and Task
  • improved popover presentation on iPad
  • fixed a rare synchronization issue with iCloud Drive

V1.11 (2019-01)

  • Tempodo now supports Siri Shortcuts.
  • The search box is easier to reach - just pull the task list.
  • The Task Details View received some UI updates and Report 'My Planning' was also updated.
  • Look forward to additional minor UI improvements throughout the App and fixed bugs.

V1.10 (2018-09)

  • iCloud Drive usage simplified: the Document Mode replaces the sync variant via the file myTasks.tempodo and now also allows to open documents directly from the Files App. iOS Document-based workflows are now better supported.
  • TabBar symbols cleaned up and updated Working Time Report interface
  • Improved support for iOS 12
  • Bugfixes and detail improvements

V1.9 (2018-07)

  • Added Productivity Tab with 3 reports for performance analysis and progress tracking. Try 'Created vs. Done Tasks' for free. 'My Planning' and 'Planned vs. Done Tasks' are available in the PRO Version.
  • Bugfixes and minor improvements

V1.8 (2018-05)

  • Use Tempodo now for free in the basic version and unlock the PRO version via In-App purchase for all functionalities
  • The task title now has multiple lines in DetailsView for better editing
  • You can now specify for which events (Due, Follow-up, Start) notifications should be delivered
  • Some minor layout improvements in Settings and DetailsView
  • Bugfixes

V1.7 (2018-04)

  • You can now access and edit your tasks with Siri
  • For appointments, an individual time can be set
  • Background update for iCloud
  • Revised file browser and onboarding
  • Bug fixes

V1.6 (2017-10)

  • iOS 11 improvements

V1.5 (2017-06)

This release focusses on user interface adjustments to make Tempodo more user-friendly. The app also adapts better on large screens.


  • revised iPad user interface for calendar view and editing sub tasks, links, working time and recurrence
  • revised iPhone user interface for managing tags, categories, recurrence as well as sub tasks, links and working time
  • bugfixes and some detail improvements

V1.4 (2017-05)

  • introduced calendar animations (forward, backward, today)
  • introduced App Rating dialog
  • improved app settings and repeating task settings user interface
  • improved granting iOS calendar permission for user
  • added hints for empty task lists
  • some small UI improvements related to badge counters and calendar
  • bugfixes and improvement of overall app stability and performance

V1.3 (2017-02)

  • number of open subtasks added to list views
  • working times can be exported on daily base for each task (extended CSV file)
  • layout changes for task notes field
  • added in-app notification for clean-up actions at start-up
  • bug fixes and improvement of overall app stability and performance
  • added crash reporting tool to improve app quality

V1.2 (2016-12)

  • print function for task lists
  • added notification if task list has been updated in iCloud Drive when app starts
  • improved display on iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus
  • text changes in calendar and today view
  • bugfixes and improvements of overall stability and performance

V1.1 (2016-09)

  • introduced calendar view with integrated calendar events
  • export task as calendar event, reminder event or by email
  • improved Today-Widget
  • task reminder dates can now be set with a calendar widget
  • iOS 10 improvements
  • bug fixes and improvement of overall app stability and performance

V1.0 (2016-06)

  • Initial Version