Release Notes macOS

V1.19 (2019-09)

  • Improved Dark and Light Mode switching
  • Improved integration with iOS App
  • Bugfixes

V1.18 (2019-08)

  • Zoom feature for task notes
  • Bugfixes

V1.17 (2019-07)

  • Use Tempodo for free in the Basic Version and unlock the PRO Version via In-App Purchase for all functionalities
  • Bugfixes

V1.16 (2019-07)

  • for recurring tasks, a time can be set
  • some smaller UI improvements and bug fixes

V1.15 (2019-06)

  • introduced new appearance with custom background images for task sets
  • added option to snooze document background update alerts
  • added context menu for tasks to quickly move them to the top or to the end of a category list
  • bugfix: restored custom textcolor support in task notes
  • bugfix: restored drag & drop of HTTP links onto app icon to assign them as links for the selected task
  • some smaller improvements, UI changes and bugfixes

V1.14 (2019-05)

  • The Today-View shows completed tasks of the current day
  • Bug fixes and detail improvements

V1.13 (2019-01)

  • Improved Dark Mode support
  • Some minor UI improvements in Task Details View and Task Table
  • Optimization and Bug Fixes for Productivity Report

V1.12 (2018-11)

  • Dark Mode support for macOS Mojave
  • Bug fixes and detail improvements

V1.11 (2018-09)

  • Fixed an iCloud Drive sync issue that caused unnecessary document reloading dialogs
  • Bug fixes and detail improvements

V1.10 (2018-04)

  • For all reminders an individual time can be set
  • macOS notifications are delivered per task at the desired time
  • Tasks in the HOME view can be sorted by reminder dates
  • Bug fixes and some detail improvements

V1.9 (2018-02)

  • Two new productivity report views to check your performance against the plan
  • New tasks can now also be added via the macOS Menu Bar
  • Bug fixes and some detail improvements

V1.8 (2017-10)

  • macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) optimization, bug fixes

V1.7 (2017-03)

  • sidebar now shows 'all tasks' and 'task history' items
  • improved sub task editor
  • added hints for empty categories, tags and search results
  • added App Store rating dialog
  • minor improvements and bug fixes

V1.6 (2017-02)

  • introduced add symbol (+) in main navigation to create new tasks, categories and tags
  • new indicator in table view (Home/Today) now shows the number of open subtasks
  • main window is now responsive. changing the window size hides respectively shows sidebar and details view
  • task name can be changed by a double click (Home/Today)
  • working times can be exported on daily base for each task (extended CSV file)
  • added in-app notification if the app cleans-up done tasks in the background
  • bug fixes and improvement of overall app stability and performance
  • added crash reporting tool to improve the app quality

V1.5 (2016-12)

  • added print function for task lists
  • fixed layout issue in main navigation (side bar)

V1.4 (2016-09)

  • adaptions for macOS Sierra
  • bug fixes and improvement of overall app stability and performance

V1.3 (2016-06)

  • Adaptions to OS X 10.11 (El Captian)
  • iCloud Drive support for Tempodo iOS App
  • Tempodo's calender view now shows macOS calender events
  • Filter for upcomming and completed tasks
  • Working time format is hour:minute
  • Quick selection for task reminder dates using ALT key
  • Task collection file size optimization
  • Many small improvements
  • Bug fixes and improvement of overall app stability and performance

V1.2 (2015-07)

  • Mac OS X calendar export: The user can now pre-select an individual calendar and recurring tasks information is now exported
  • Small bugfixes

V1.1 (2015-06)

  • repeating tasks
  • dialog for file selection
  • many small improvements, bug fixes and improvement of overall app stability and performance

V1.0 (2015-04)

  • initial version