Task Import


Tempodo for macOS supports the import of tasks in the formats:

  • iCalendar
  • Wunderlist (Export JSON)

Corresponding files must be available for the import. Recurring tasks, external links or references to files are not supported. You can access the import tool via the menu bar: "Tempodo -> Task Import".


Tempodo supports the import of tasks in iCalendar format. Tasks are typically in individual files. For example with the file extension *.ics. You can also drag and drop files into a category. If the import is done using the importer tool, the tasks are imported into the "Inbox" category.

Wunderlist (Export JSON)

Tempodo supports the import of the JSON export file of the "Wunderlist" App. Typically the Tasks.json file. A Tempodo category is created for each list found and the tasks contained are assigned.